Some rare and cool items collected over the years

by Robert Dansereau

Ticket stub for Rush live at the Hollywood Sportatorium, November 28, 1981.

The grand prize of a contest that happened in 1981 at local Montreal radio station CHOM-FM. The "Rock'n'Roll Fantasy contest" as they called it, consisted of people calling the station and telling their most cherished rock fantasy... I called up and said "I'd like to spend a weekend with my favorite band, Rush..." and voilà! Grand prize winner! A Friend and I were driven to the airport in a limousine, greeted by the CHOM announcers and journalists at the airport with some nice spending money, flew to Florida on Delta airlines, met the band at the airport, was given front-row center tickets, and took some great pix! That weekend was a waking dream! Amazing memories of my youth... lucky bastard! Below are some pictures I took... 35MM Minolta XG-M with 400ASA Kodak Color film and 400ASA Fujifilm B/W.

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and the professor; Neal Peart, at the Hollywood Sportatorium in Hollywood, Florida, on November 28, 1981.

Ticket to NEARFest 2003.

Probably the most prestigious gathering of prog bands in the history of NEARFest, 2003 saw incredible bands like The Flower Kings, Camel, Anglagard, Glass Hammer, Kraan and the stunning Magma in all its glory!

Aah... good times!

Ticket to The Flower Kings at the Café Campus, June 26, 2003.

The infamous "electrical failure" show. TFK had been playing probably the best set of their tour at the akwardly small Café Campus when about 90 minutes into their magnificent set, a catastrophic failure of the power transformers of the club cut off the juice to the instruments, amps, lights and the air-conditioning. After a futile half hour of trying to get the power back on, Roine came back onstage to announce with much sorrow that the rest of the show had to be canceled. It was truly sad, because they had been so good and they were at the best part of Humanizzimo. We left disappointed, but satisfied of having seen at least the first 90 minutes of the show. I was lucky though, du to the fact that I saw them two days later in Trenton, NJ, at NEARFest 2003.

Arena, live at the Medley in Montreal and at the Impérial in Quebec City.

A cool picture of Rob Sowden, Arena's singer in the lobby at the Impérial de Québec
on Saturday, November 5, 2005...
Would anyone ever imagine this guy in the same picture with René Simard and Alys Roby...

Arena's set list for the Montreal and the Quebec city show. This copy
taken off Mick Pointer's drum kit after the show.

Tickets to RoSFest 2006 in Phoenixville, PA, April 28 to 30, 2006.

One of the coolest festivals in Many years, with a stellar lineup made up
of brilliant bands like Karmakanic, Magic Pie, Pallas, The Watch,
Mithrandir and that all-star band, NEO!

Flower Kings Guitar

A guitar autographed by all the members of the band during their Adam & Eve tour in 2005. One of my most prized possessions.

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