September 20, 2014
Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy
Rhythm of Light Tour 2014 at the Gesù
FMPM presents the return of legendary drummer CARL PALMER to Montreal’s intimate 400-seat Gesù amphitheater, Friday November 28, 2014.

Back by popular demand, CARL PALMER, the rhythmic backbone of progressive rock super-groups Emerson Lake & Palmer and Asia, has been hailed as one of the world's greatest drummers, thrilling rock fans worldwide with his dazzling speed and technical virtuosity. CARL PALMER’s ELP LEGACY features CARL PALMER on drums and percussion, Paul Bielatowicz on guitar and Simon Fitzpatrick on bass. The power trio will serve up a show entitled Rhythm Of Light featuring the music of Emerson Lake & Palmer and other composers. "This is a trio which ELP also was, with the keyboards replaced by very powerful guitar interpretations of classic progressive rock music. We are really about musicianship and conveying the spectrum of emotions through our instruments." explains PALMER.

May 11, 2014
Steve Hackett’s “Genesis Extended” 2014 World Tour
Place des Arts, Saturday November 29, 2014

After a sold-out performance in 2013, Get It Promotions and FMPM are pleased to announce the return of legendary guitarist STEVE HACKETT, Saturday November 29, 2014 at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts. HACKETT is best known as guitarist and composer with GENESIS during the classic rock period from 1971 to 1977 and is the first ex-member to re-record live performances of that part of the band's material in Genesis Revisited I (1996) and II (2012). HACKETT is also considered one of Britain’s finest musicians and his guitar playing produced some of GENESIS’ most memorable moments. Taking the stage again with HACKETT is an exceptional team of musicians, including Roger King on keyboards, Gary O'Toole on drums, percussion and vocals, Rob Townsend on sax, flute and percussion, Nick Beggs on bass & twelve string and Nad Sylvan on vocals.

An enthusiastic HACKETT explains: "Due to the success of the Genesis Revisited shows, we're extending the concept in 2014. We'll launch into a full Genesis set with favourites from last year such as The Musical Box, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and Supper's Ready, with the addition of other Genesis classics which are often requested and the audiences deserve to hear... I'm really excited about this!" The Genesis Extended Tour will feature gems that HACKETT did not play during the Award winning Genesis Revisited shows.

With a career spanning decades including outstanding solo work, this will be the last opportunity for fans to see HACKETT perform a whole set from the GENESIS catalogue. If you missed the show last year or the show was missing your favourite track, here's your chance to relive the timeless magic of GENESIS, with STEVE HACKETT and his remarkable band.

April 28, 2013
STEVE HACKETT’s Genesis Revisited 2013 World Tour
Place des Arts, Thursday October 3, 2013
FMPM and Get It Promotions are pleased to welcome back STEVE HACKETT, Thursday October 3, 2013 at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts. HACKETT is considered one of Britain’s finest musicians and is best known as guitarist and composer with GENESIS during the classic rock period with Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. Between 1970 and 1977, HACKETT played on 6 studio albums: Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England by the Pound, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, A Trick of the Tail and Wind & Wuthering, as well as 2 live albums: Genesis Live and Seconds Out. His guitar playing produced some of the most memorable moments of that fabled line-up.

Following GENESIS, HACKETT began an impressive solo career releasing several highly rated progressive rock albums including
Voyage of the Acolyte and Spectral Mornings. HACKETT also produced several award-winning classically-oriented albums featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra including A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Genesis Revisited. His latest album, Genesis Revisited II, sees the guitarist reinterpreting the golden era of the great band, while remaining true to the original spirit which produced such a remarkable string of timeless songs. HACKETT’s Genesis Revisited electric concerts take fans on an extraordinary journey of his time in GENESIS and his solo work, woven together by his distinctive and melodic guitar playing.

Jérôme Langlois, pianist/clarinetist/composer and co-founder of Quebec’s beloved classically-influenced progressive ‘70s ensemble Maneige, will open this enchanted evening

April 18, 2013
U.K. 2013 to replace Eddie Jobson’s Four Decade World Tour
With Eddie JOBSON, John WETTON, Alex MACHACEK and Virgil DONATI
FMPM announces that EDDIE JOBSON’s "Four Decades World Tour" is being replaced by U.K. 2013, featuring EDDIE JOBSON, JOHN WETTON, ALEX MACHACEK and VIRGIL DONATI. The 4-piece U.K. 2013 concert will be held on the same night, Saturday April 27, 2013, and at the same venue, the intimate 400-seat Gesù amphitheater. Tickets already purchased for the EDDIE JOBSON show will be valid for the U.K. 2013 concert.

Following last year’s sold-out "Night After Night 2012" World Tour, U.K.’s founders are back in Montreal: keyboardist/violinist maestro EDDIE JOBSON (Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, Curved Air) and world-renowned bassist/vocalist JOHN WETTON (King Crimson, Asia), will be accompanied this time by Austrian guitar prodigy ALEX MACHACEK (UKZ) and Australian drum virtuoso VIRGIL DONATI (Planet X). Formed in England in 1977, the band U.K. took the progressive rock scene by storm with two of the most highly regarded studio albums: the self-titled
UK (1977) and Danger Money (1978), followed by their swansong live record Night After Night (1979). Come join us for a special evening emphasizing U.K.’s first album, as well as the music of KING CRIMSON, in what may be U.K.’s last ever tour.

A limited number of Regular tickets ($75 with taxes, plus applicable service charges) and VIP tickets ($109.22 with taxes, plus applicable service charges) for reserved seats in the first few rows center section are available at VIP package includes pre-show meet & greet and Master Class.

January 16, 2013
Celebrating the Music of Emerson Lake & Palmer
Friday April 26, 2013 at the Gesù

FMPM is pleased to announce the return of legendary drummer CARL PALMER to Montreal’s intimate 400-seat Gesù amphitheater, Friday April 26, 2013. Back by popular demand, CARL PALMER, the rhythmic backbone of progressive rock's first super-group Emerson Lake & Palmer, has been hailed as one of the world's greatest drummers, thrilling rock fans worldwide with his dazzling speed and technical virtuosity.

CARL PALMER' ELP LEGACY features Carl Palmer on drums and percussion, Paul Bielatowicz on guitar and Simon Fitzpatrick on bass. The power trio will serve up an all-instrumental show, entitled Celebrating the Music of Emerson Lake & Palmer. "This is a trio, which ELP also was, but we have replaced the keyboards with some very powerful guitar interpretations of that classic music. Although ELP had a lot of vocal hit songs, we were really about musicianship and conveying the spectrum of emotions through our instruments. Many of the classic elements of these songs remain, but they have been updated and reinterpreted through my band" says Palmer. Among the songs being featured in the show are: Tarkus, Peter Gunn, Hoedown and Pictures at an Exhibition

December 30, 2011

Legendary supergroup UK
Eddie JOBSON, John WETTON, and Terry BOZZIO
“NIGHT AFTER NIGHT 2012” World Tour
at the Gesù, Friday, May 11th, 2012 - SOLD OUT!

FMPM is most honored to present the long awaited reunion of progressive rock super-group UK, Friday, May 11th, 2012 at the Gesù (1200 de Bleury, Montréal • 514-861-4378), featuring three of the world’s most accomplished musicians: keyboardist/violinist maestro Eddie Jobson (Curved Air, Roxy Music, Frank Zappa), world-renowned bassist/vocalist John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia), and American powerhouse drummer Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck).

Formed in England in 1977, the band UK took the progressive rock scene by storm with two of the most highly regarded studio albums of all times: the self-titled
UK (1977) and Danger Money (1978). This was followed by their swansong live record Night After Night (1979) featuring tracks from their farewell tour.

Finally reunited after 33 years, the original UK trio of JOBSON, WETTON and BOZZIO are offering progressive rock fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this legendary supergroup perform live as part of their “
NIGHT AFTER NIGHT 2012” world tour.

Join us for a special evening of the ultimate in ‘70s progressive rock with UK !

TICKETS: This show is sold out!

January 27, 2012

GREG LAKE presents “Songs of a Lifetime”
The music of EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, KING CRIMSON and others
Thursday April 12 and Friday April 13, 2012 at the Gesù

FMPM and Get It Promotions are proud to announce the return of legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter GREG LAKE to Montreal for two intimate performances on Thursday April 12 and Friday April 13, 2012 at the Gesù (1200, De Bleury, Montreal • 514-861-4378) by one of the greatest voices and musical minds of a generation. After a highly successful tour with Keith Emerson in 2010 during which they sold-out Place des Arts in Montreal, GREG LAKE is performing "Songs of a Lifetime", an autobiographical musical journey in song and story. Included in the set-list are many of the best known songs he composed while creating progressive rock super groups Emerson, Lake and Palmer and King Crimson, stories about LAKE’s personal life and career, as well as question & answer opportunities to interact with the audience.

GREG LAKE will take fans on a journey through the rock legend’s life and times in such a way that they feel as if they are part of the journey. The carefully selected song list will also feature works by other artists that have influenced LAKE’s musical career. Unique personal recollections of such greats as Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley and members of The Beatles are skillfully woven throughout the show. The timeless music of a generation combined with LAKE’s dialogue and audience interaction promises to create moments of high impact from humor to drama in the intimate 400-seat Gesù amphitheater.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity for a close-up encounter with one of the progressive rock world’s most renowned musicians and outstanding voices!

March 19, 2011

Canadian rock legends SAGA
with the return of Michael Sadler on vocals
at the Gesù, Saturday October 1st, 2011

FMPM and Get It Promotions are pleased to announce the return of Juno Award winning progressive rock legends SAGA, Saturday October 1st 2011 at the Gesù (1200 de Bleury Street, Montreal). One of the most enduring bands in Canadian history, original members Ian Crichton (guitars), Jim Crichton (bass), Michael Sadler (back on vocals) and Jim Gilmour (keyboards), will be joined by drummer Brian Doerner (ex-Helix since 2005)..

Formed in 1977, SAGA's unique style of commercially accessible progressive rock has earned them a devoted international fan-base. Their twenty studio releases include gold records such as Worlds Apart and Heads or Tails which spawned such hits as On the Loose and Scratching the Surface, selling over 8 million copies. Recently acclaimed albums include Trust (2006), 10,000 Days (2007) and The Human Condition (2009), revealing a group that is still at the peak of creativity and at the top of its game in terms of musicianship. SAGA is currently in the studio recording a new album.

Don’t miss one of Canada’s most exciting live acts!

January 21, 2011

ASIA with original members
John WETTON, Carl PALMER, Steve HOWE, and Geoff DOWNES
at the Metropolis, Monday May 9th, 2011

FMPM and Get It Promotions are proud to present the long awaited return to Montreal of progressive rock super-group ASIA, on Monday, May 9, 2011 at the Metropolis (59 Sainte-Catherine Street East, Montréal. Featuring bassist/vocalist John Wetton (UK and King Crimson), drummer Carl Palmer (ELP), guitarist Steve Howe (YES), and keyboardist Geoff Downes (Buggles)

The original group ASIA stormed onto the music scene in 1982 with their debut self-titled album which quickly reached #1 on the Billboard charts and remained there for an incredible 10 weeks. Top 10 singles like Heat Of The Moment, Only Time Will Tell, Sole Survivor and Time Again, resulted in sales exceeding 7 million copies.

After multiple line-up changes, the stars aligned in early 2006 with all four original members of ASIA reuniting for a world tour to celebrate the group’s 25th anniversary. This resulted in the band releasing Fantasia: Live in Tokyo in 2007. ASIA then returned to the studio and recorded the acclaimed albums Phoenix in 2008 and Omega in 2010.

"This is the real ASIA," says guitarist Steve Howe. "There have been other versions of the band, but this original line-up is the one that the public truly embraced. Since we only toured for a couple of years, it will be nice, finally, to play for audiences all over the world, many of whom never had a chance to see the group in concert."

The heat goes on at !

October 14, 2010

Following our sold out presentation of Emerson and Lake on April 13th, it is with great honor and pleasure that Get It Promotions and FMPM invite you to celebrate 40 years of Emerson, Lake & Palmer with The Carl Palmer Band, this Thursday, October 14, 2010 at the Gesù - Centre de Créativité (1200 Bleury Street, Montreal • 514-861-4036).

Carl Palmer, the rhythmic backbone of progressive rock's first supergroup, has been hailed as one of the world's greatest drummers, thrilling rock fans worldwide with his dazzling speed and technical virtuosity. The Carl Palmer Band features Carl Palmer on drums and percussion, Paul Bielatowicz on guitar and Simon Fitzpatrick on bass. The power trio will serve up an all-instrumental show, entitled "Carl Palmer Celebrates The Music of ELP".

“This is a trio, which ELP also was, but we have replaced the keyboards with some very powerful guitar interpretations of that classic music. Although ELP had a lot of vocal hit songs, we were really about musicianship and conveying the spectrum of emotions through our instruments. Many of the classic elements of these songs remain, but they have been updated and reinterpreted through my band" says Palmer. Among the songs featured in the show are: Tarkus, Fanfare For The Common Man, and Hoedown.

October 8, 2010

The Strawbs at théâtre Outremont
A review by Stephen Takacsy
After 2009's sold-out performance at Café Campus, the STRAWBS were invited back to Montreal to play in a much bigger venue, the majestic Outremont Theater. The old elegant concert hall suited the band and the music much better this time and the turn-out did not disappoint.

The boys came out blazing with a raunchy version of Turn Me Round (from
Deep Cuts) followed by the classic staple New World which Dave Cousins always nails with his insatiable vocals. The mellower Flower And The Young Man (also from Grave New World) gave some respite before a one-two punch of Chas Cronk's powerful Promised Land (from Nomadness) and another classic, Ghosts, both hair-raising renditions during which Dave Lambert was absolutely on fire! The delicate So Close And Yet So Far Away (also from Deep Cuts) allowed the band to catch their breath before the rocking epic Down By The Sea/The River (from Bursting at the Seams) closed off the first set.

The second set featured the highly anticipated and never done live before, entire
Hero and Heroine album, which the band hit out of the ball park. So intense and professionally executed was this performance, in the exact order of the studio album, that the crowd responded ovation after ovation. The set ended with a reprise of Round And Round with Cousins again nailing it with seemingly supernatural vocal power, and fans clamored for an encore while the pre-recorded Hero's Theme blared in the background. The Strawbs returned with the classic Lay Down and a heart-wrenching rendition of Where Silent Shadows Fall (aka The Valiant Soldier from the latest studio album Dancing with the Devil's Beat).

Kudos to the new old guys, John Young and Tony Fernandez, who were both rock solid. All in all, an extremely satisfying performance which left most fans giddy. Our sincere appreciation to the band for the monumental effort in putting together this show and performing it to perfection.

August 21, 2010

Some big news just in about the electric Strawbs band line-up for both the Canadian dates in October 2010 and the UK dates in November 2010.

Neither Rod Coombes nor Oliver Wakeman are available for these tours - Rod has educational commitments, and Oliver is committed to recording a new Yes album in the States in October/November. But two renowned musicians have stepped in for the Thursday, October 7 2010 show in Montreal as well as the other tour dates:

On drums... we welcome the return of a familiar face to many longtime Strawbs fans - TONY FERNANDEZ, who played on
Deadlines and Heartbreak Hill, the latter an album which Cousins considers one of their best. After 34 years in Rick Wakeman's band, Tony was reunited with the Heartbreak Hill and Blue Angel line-ups at the 40th anniversary weekend. His enthusiasm for playing Strawbs material again was both obvious and infectious. It'll be a great pleasure to see him behind the drumkit again.

On keyboards... we welcome a new face - JOHN YOUNG, who has supported the Strawbs in the past at Bilston. As well as running his own John Young Band, he writes with Jon Anderson, is MD for Bonnie Tyler, has played in Quango alongside John Wetton and Carl Palmer and with Greenslade, Steeleye Span, Bon Jovi, The Scorpions, Asia, Paul Rodgers and Fish amongst other credits. Check out his Myspace page at:

July 24, 2010


The FMPM team in association with Get It Promotions, ProgQuebecUnicorn Digital and Bierbrier Brewing, is very proud to welcome back the STRAWBS in Montreal for a unique concert on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at the Théâtre Outremont, 1248 Bernard Street West.
The STRAWBS is composed of original members DAVE COUSINS on guitar and vocals, DAVE LAMBERT on guitar and vocals, CHAS CRONK on bass, as well as TONY FERNANDEZ on drums, and JOHN YOUNG on keyboards. Celebrating over 40 years of music, the STRAWBS will present their masterpiece album HERO AND HEROINE in its entirety as well as many other great classics. Another highly anticipated comeback by these veterans of the progressive rock scene!

May 30, 2010


FMPM and Get It Promotions are pleased to announce that Babe Ruth, the ‘70s British rock band hailing from Hatfield, England, has reunited and will be playing at the Metropolis in Montreal on Saturday July 10th, 2010.

And we just got word that Montreal prog-fusion band Karcius will ensure the opening act for the evening! Composed of Thomas Brodeur on drums, Simon L'Espérance on guitars, Mingan Sauriol on keys and Sylvain Auclair on bass and vocals, the group is just returning from a highly succesful tour in France and is currently working on their next album.

Babe Ruth includes all five original members: vocalist Janita (Jenny) Haan, guitarist Alan Shacklock, bassist Dave Hewitt, keyboardist Dave Punshon, and drummer Ed Spevok. "Since the release of our first album,
First Base, in 1972, Canada has always been Babe Ruth’s most enthusiastic fan base," says Alan Shacklock. "We're completely thrilled to be coming back out to play for everyone again. Our fondest memories as a band are the large arena concerts we played in cities like Montreal and Ottawa in 1974 and 1975."

First Base was certified Gold in Canada, and the band will be playing fan favorites such as Wells Fargo and the massive international hit The Mexican, as well as new material. “Songs from the new album Que Pasa such as Break for the Border and The Sun, Moon & Stars have that same progressive Latin-Mexican vibe” states Shacklock. “Singing is like breathing for me, I can’t live without it” says Jenny Haan. "We've all been doing our own separate projects over the years, but none of us has ever stopped playing. We are so charged to have the chance to do it as Babe Ruth once again... we are going to absolutely kill this!" For more info on the band please go to

March 7, 2010


A very special treat for those who will be attending the Steve Hackett show, FMPM and Get It Promotions are proud to announce for the very first time in Montreal Renaissance as special guest to Steve Hackett on Friday, July 9, 2010 at Place des Arts' Théâtre Maisonneuve.

Renaissance's current resurgence coincides with the 40th anniversary of the classic English band's formation. 2009 saw singer Annie Haslam, whose five-octave voice is one of the most distinctive in rock history, reconnecting with longtime bandmate Michael Dunford, Renaissance's guitarist and principal composer. Haslam's soaring vocals and Dunford's evocative acoustic guitar work were cornerstones of the group's sound during its most prolific era, 1972-1978. So it's appropriate that the group launched its return to active duty with a series of intimate concerts in Fall 2009 for its loyal fans.

Renaissance's new lineup finds Haslam and Dunford joined by four world-class instrumentalists whose talents provide new creative blood, while maintaining the band's traditional standards of sterling musicianship. Keyboardist Rave Tesar and bassist/vocalist David J. Keyes are veterans of prior editions of Renaissance as well as several Haslam solo projects, while keyboardist/vocalist Tom Brislin's resume includes work with Yes, Camel, Debbie Harry, Meat Loaf and Francis Dunnery, and drummer Frank Pagano has collaborated with artists as diverse as Bruce Springsteen, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow and Smashing Pumpkins.

Now, Renaissance begins an exciting new chapter, while honoring its beloved body of vintage work. Haslam and Dunford promise that the new six-piece lineup will perform the band's timeless classics with the same care with which the material was originally crafted, while utilizing technological advances to reproduce the music's original symphonic textures like never before. They're also enthusiastic about introducing the music to a new generation of listeners as well as longtime fans.

"I'm thrilled to be performing these songs again, and to be performing them with Michael Dunford and a great group of musicians," Haslam states. "These songs are a big part of my life, so I'll be singing my heart out."

There are a few tickets still available, so act quickly before the show is sold out!

January 15, 2010


FMPM and Get It Promotions are pleased to present a rare concert performance by STEVE HACKETT and his electric band, Friday July 9 2010 at Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts. STEVE HACKETT is renowned as an immensely talented and innovative rock musician. He was lead guitarist with Genesis as part of their classic line up with Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. Between 1970 and 1977, HACKETT played on 6 studio albums: Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England by the Pound, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, A Trick of the Tail and Wind & Wuthering, as well as 2 live albums: Genesis Live and Seconds Out. His guitar playing produced some of the most memorable moments of that fabled line-up including dramatic electric guitar solos as in Firth of Fifth as well as sensitive acoustic passages as in Blood on the Rooftops.

Following GENESIS, HACKETT began an impressive solo career releasing several highly-rated progressive rock albums including Voyage of the Acolyte and Spectral Mornings. He also formed super-group GTR with Steve Howe (Yes), and played with many renowned musicians such as Brian May (Queen), John Wetton (UK), and Ian Mosley and Pete Trewavas (Marillion). HACKETT also produced several award-winning classically-oriented albums featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra including A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Genesis Revisited.

HACKETT’s live electric concerts take fans on an extraordinary journey that covers many periods of his career from GENESIS and his early progressive solo work through to the present, woven together by his distinctive and melodic guitar playing. 2010 will cap HACKETT’s fourth decade as a professional musician and will also mark the year in which he and GENESIS are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

October 13, 2009

FMPM: Thank You and Goodnight...

For four years now, we have worked tirelessly to bring about a high quality and unique experience uniting live progressive music with fans in Montreal. We are proud to say that, with lots of hard work and a little luck, we managed to accomplish this each year without any major setbacks, watching attendance rise from just over 200 in 2006 to a sold out event this year. As all festival organizers know, the job is a year long one, unrelenting and fraught with things that could go disastrously wrong. Fortunately for us nothing did, although we dodged a few bullets with the passing of Hatfield and the North’s drummer Pip Pyle a few weeks before the first edition, while Vittorio Nocenzi of Banco suffered heart problems just months before performing in 2008. Each FMPM was a blast, and every note heard from the stage resonated into unforgettable experiences. Our goals were not related to size or profit, but were instead to create a “happening” with some of our favorite international bands, while showcasing Quebec’s fine progressive artists. FMPM was always a “one year at a time” affair which depended greatly on the availability of our time and the feasibility of inviting some of our favorite bands to Montreal. And we were blessed to be able to do this four times.

So, it is with many mixed emotions that we are deciding not to proceed with another FMPM. The decision not to continue is not in any way based on finances, as the festival covered all of its expenses this year following a few years of small and manageable deficits. Nor is the decision based on any conflicts, as all FMPM team members remain the best of friends and continue to work together in various capacities. This decision is solely about the time and effort that both of us, being the main organizers, need to devote year-round to making the festival the best it can be. We have established high personal standards for the line-up and production quality, and we believe, having read all the positive comments year after year, that we could never accept offering a festival with the FMPM name that isn’t up to these standards. But with full time jobs and businesses to run, family obligations and many other commitments and activities, it would be difficult for us to repeat what we have achieved to date. So, we have chosen instead to end on a high note, although we do plan to occasionally produce some one-off concerts under the FMPM banner, and to continue promoting Quebec artists.

As most of you are aware, we are also the two principals of ProgresSon Music, parent company of the ProgQuebec label, and our priority will continue to be helping Quebec artists reissue their music and perform on stage when possible. We are proud to say that in the five years since the label’s founding, we have released 36 titles and returned around $75,000 in royalties to Quebec musicians. So on this positive note, we wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who helped out with FMPM and everyone who attended the festival during the past four years, for sharing such amazing music and experiences with us.

Stephen Takacsy and Sean McFee

September 14, 2009


From the magical performance of Saga on Friday to the majesty of Le Orme on Saturday and the highly anticipated Three Friends on Sunday, FMPM 2009 was a monster success! A million thanks to the incredible artists that offered us their music, their talent and their passion, thanks to the staff, volunteers and sponsors, that worked welll beyond the call of duty to make this an unforgettable weekend, and most importantly... thanks from the bottom of our hearts and souls to all of you who have attended FMPM 2009 and made it a reality!

January 22, 2010


FMPM and Get It Promotions are proud to present rock and roll legends KEITH EMERSON and GREG LAKE in an exclusive evening highlighting the iconic music of Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Nice and King Crimson, Tuesday April 13 2010 at Theatre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts. This concert, with famed keyboardist KEITH EMERSON and the world renowned voice and guitars of GREG LAKE, is an intimate “unplugged” show unlike any other they have performed before. EMERSON and LAKE will take fans on a journey throughout their careers as they relate stories about the celebrated music that they composed while creating super groups that began the progressive rock era. The audience can expect new arrangements of classic favorites in this totally unique appearance. EMERSON and LAKE have never performed together in this personal setting, and fans will be treated to an emotional perspective and a rare personal insight into the music they love during an unforgettable evening.

Keyboard legend KEITH EMERSON is one of the most important figures to have emerged from the thriving UK rock scene of the 1960's and 70's. A modern wizard of electronic and acoustic keyboards, most notably the organ and synthesizer, EMERSON is known as one of the great innovators of the progressive rock movement, fusing rock music with other styles such as classical and jazz. Vocalist, guitarist and producer, GREG LAKE is one of the most recognized singer-songwriters in the world and has often been described as having the voice of a generation.

TICKETS: Reserved seating tickets for EMERSON and LAKE are on sale at the Place des Arts box office (514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112), as well as online at and at $69.50 and $49.50, plus fees and taxes.

September 11, 2009


We are very pleased to announce that regular tickets for the two-day festival are now sold out! If you didn't get your tickets in time, there is still a very limited quantity of single day / single event tickets available:

Single day ticket - Saturday: $95.38
Miriodor (Sunday): $20
Rouge Ciel (Saturday): $20
ExCubus (Saturday):
DFA (Saturday): $20
Magenta (Sunday):
Le Orme (Saturday)
: $69.23
Three Friends (Sunday):
Single day ticket - Sunday:
Gold tickets:
Regular tickets: SOLD OUT

Friday pre-show with Saga and Mystery: $49.50

These can be purchased through, as well as through and at the Gesù box office.

Due to limited availability we recommend purchasing tickets at your earliest opportunity.
September 1st, 2009


The FMPM team is happy that local Montreal radio station CHOM FM will be airing a series of radio commercials this week promoting the Saga and Mystery concerts at FMPM on Sept. 11. Keep your ears open for these spots, as well as ticket drawings for the pre-show!

June 7, 2009


Ticket sales have been brisk in the past few weeks and there are very few weekend tickets left, so act quickly because they will soon be sold out! Regular two-day tickets for the event are available right now for $156.90 including all venue royalties
and taxes. These can be purchased through, as well as through and at the Gesù box office.

May 15, 2009


Many thanks to all who have purchased Gold tickets for their support to FMPM 2009!

May 9, 2009


The FMPM team is proud to announce the exclusive North American premiere of Three Friends to fill the slot opened up by the cancellation of Thieves’ Kitchen. Formed by Kerry Minnear (keyboards), Gary Green (guitar), and Malcolm Mortimore (drums) of Gentle Giant, they are augmented by Roger Carey (bass, vocals), John Donaldson (keys), Andy Williams (guitar), and Mick Wilson of 10cc (vocals). Three Friends has started performing the repertoire of Gentle Giant in Europe, with three successful gigs already under their belts. Their performances include material from classic Giant albums
Three Friends, Acquiring the Taste, Octopus, Free Hand, In a Glass House, The Power and the Glory, and the self-titled debut, and they are rehearsing more of their old material that they have not yet had a chance to play live. Dual keyboards are used to replace instruments such as violin and cello.

Gentle Giant occupies a special place in the hearts of Quebec progressive rock fans, touring there as headliners as early as 1972 and coming back frequently over the decade. Several of the best Quebec progressive rock bands, such as Maneige, Pollen and Et Cetera, had the privilege of opening for the band, while Contraction did a radio broadcast early in 1974 on the same night which is being released on CD by ProgQuebec on May 26. Many Quebec groups were greatly influenced by the sophisticated compositions of Gentle Giant. When Gary Green was a special guest of the first FMPM in 2006, he was given the celebrity treatment by many of those in attendance, and the obvious questions about performing again came up repeatedly.

Three Friends has been formed not simply to perform the classic Giant repertoire, but they also expect to produce new music in time. There has never been a group like Gentle Giant since they ceased to be almost thirty years ago, and the hopes for a reunion over the years have until now proven futile. This year, at last, the remaining willing members of Gentle Giant will once again give life to their music, and this is as close as fans will get to seeing the full original formation. FMPM is pleased to have the honor of being the first to present it to the North American audience.

In recognition of the magnitude of this event, Three Friends is being treated as a co-headliner of Sunday's festivities alongside Magenta, and will perform a full-length set. Due to the increased cost involved in making this happen, we must announce effective immediately that regular ticket prices will be increasing from $129 to $139 CDN (approx. US $120). Gold ticket prices remain unchanged at $189 CDN (US $160), and a small quantity of these are still available for anyone who wants a premium seat for this historic event. This remains an incredible deal relative to most multi-day festival passes, and with the presence of Three Friends on an already strong bill we expect demand to increase significantly. The Gesu has a capacity of 400 seats and we expect the remaining tickets to go quickly.

A YouTube clip of Three Friends performing "Just the Same"
An excerpt of "Prologue"

April 16th setlist:

• Prologue
• Playing The Game
• The Advent Of Panurge
• Pantagruel's Nativity
• Just The Same
• Think Of Me With Kindness
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FMPM 2009 takes place September 11, 12 and 13, 2009 at the Gesù in Montreal. The full weekend
line-up consists of LE ORME (Italy), THREE FRIENDS (England), MAGENTA (England), DFA (Italy),
MIRIODOR (Quebec), EXCUBUS (Quebec), and ROUGE CIEL (Quebec). The Friday night pre-show, for which a separate ticket is sold, includes SAGA (Ontario) and MYSTERY (Quebec). Tickets are on sale right now!

May 8, 2009


It is our sad task to announce the cancellation of the Thieves' Kitchen performance at FMPM 2009. Guitarist Phil Mercy is suffering from a serious condition of the hand called Extensor Tenosynovitis, which is broadly similar to RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A strategy of resting the hand has been unsuccessful and he is now undergoing a regimen involving physiotherapy to treat the problem. A full recovery is expected, but a series of rehearsals and gigs is now out of the question as it would risk permanent tendon damage to the arm.

The FMPM team is proud to have booked Thieves' Kitchen and consider them one of the finest groups in the current progressive rock scene. One of our organizers had the pleasure of working with them several years ago and we were greatly anticipating their return to North America. It is our hope that they will be back performing live on these shores again before too long.

In the meantime, we are working hard on a replacement and will make a further announcement as soon as possible.

March 4, 2009


The FMPM team is very proud to welcome back the Strawbs in Montreal for a special concert this
Friday, March 6 2009 at the Café Campus (57 Prince Arthur East, 514-844-1010).

The Strawbs electric line-up is composed of original members DAVE COUSINS on guitar, dulcimer, banjo, vocals, CHAS CRONK on bass, vocals, guitar, DAVE LAMBERT on guitar, vocal, ROD COOMBES on drums, and special guest OLIVER WAKEMAN on keyboards. Oliver is the current keyboardist of the group Yes and son of the legendary RICK WAKEMAN. Celebrating their 40th anniversary and possibly their last time in North America, this will be a magical evening not to be missed, featuring Strawbs classics like Autumn, Lay Down, Hero & Heroine and much more! Also, the group plans to play material that was not performed during their unforgettable performance at FMPM in 2007.

Doors open at 7:00 PM and the show will begin at 8:00. Advance tickets are $43.85
(+ taxes) available right now through, and through and the Café Campus box office beginning Thursday January 22. Entry is general admission and there is a limited number of tickets available.

March 7, 2009


Just a quick reminder that regular tickets for the 2009 edition of FMPM are available right now for $139 including venue royalties
(taxes not included). These can be purchased through our web-site at, as well as through and at the Gesù box office. Due to limited availability we recommend purchasing tickets at your earliest opportunity. Tickets for the pre-show are sold separately for $49.50.

February 13, 2009


Renowned Canadian progressive rock quintet Saga will be headlining FMPM's Friday night pre-show. Formed in 1977, Saga's unique style of commercially accessible progressive rock has earned them a devoted fan-base the world over. Their nineteen studio releases include gold records such as
Worlds Apart as well as concept albums like Generation 13. Reviews for their most recent releases, 10,000 Days, and Trust, indicate a group who are still operating on a creative peak and at the top of their game in terms of musicianship.

In the current edition of the band, original members Ian Crichton, Jim Crichton, and Jim Gilmour are joined by drummer Brian Doerner and vocalist Rob Moratti. Moratti was found after an extensive talent search following the departure of original vocalist Michael Sadler, and reviews of his debut performance with the band were glowing. The group is currently in the studio working on a new album entitled
The Human Condition to be released in April.

In addition, Quebec's Miriodor takes the FMPM stage on Sunday to present
Avanti! This newest work, their seventh album, which will be released on the Cuneiform Records label in May, features seven pieces, each at least seven minutes in length. Notice a pattern? One of the best progressive ensembles in the world, Miriodor's exciting compositions and surprising melodies have made them a frequently requested group for our bill, and with all new material to perform, it was impossible to say no. This will be Miriodor’s 3rd performance in 4 years at FMPM, such is their popularity !

With the announcements of Saga on Friday and Miriodor on Sunday, the group Mystery will be moving to Friday night to play with Saga. This puts two bands in a unified style together for the pre-show. Regular FMPM weekend box-sets and pre-show tickets will go on sale Saturday March 7th (see details below), the day following FMPM’s special presentation of the Strawbs’ 40th anniversary tour concert on March 6 at Café Campus in Montreal. Current Gold ticket holders for FMPM 2009 will be guaranteed the same seats for the pre-show as they will have for the rest of FMPM weekend, providing they order their pre-show tickets by Sunday March 15. In addition, the first ten Gold Ticket holders who order tickets for the Friday pre-show will receive a promotional copy of Saga's
10,000 Days.

The schedule for FMPM 2009 will be:

FRIDAY PRE-SHOW (separate tickets at $49.50) – Saga (Canada), and Mystery (Quebec)
FMPM 2009 WEEKEND BOX-SETS (Gold Tickets at $189; Regular Tickets at $139):
SATURDAY - Le Orme (Italy), DFA (Italy), Rouge Ciel (Quebec), and ExCubus (Quebec)
SUNDAY - Magenta (Wales), Three Friends (England) and Miriodor (Quebec)

Please note that FMPM Sunday will end earlier than last year to give out-of-towners a chance to travel, and Montrealers more chance to party !

FMPM 2009 takes place September 11th, 12th and 13th at the Gesù in Montréal. Gold Tickets entitling holders to center seats in the first 8 rows are currently on sale exclusively at Regular tickets for FMPM weekend and the pre-show go on sale Saturday March 7th on at 9am, and on and at the Gesù box office (514-861-4036) at noon.

February 4, 2009


The fourth edition of Le Festival des Musiques Progressives de Montréal will take place on September 11, 12 and 13 at the Gesù (1200 de Bleury Street, Montreal).

After careful deliberation, the FMPM team has chosen the Gesù to be the venue for FMPM 2009. Those who attended the first edition of the FMPM will remember the venue well, with its excellent sightlines, warm intimacy, and impressive acoustics. Like the Pierre-Peladeau Center, the Gesù is located in the heart of Montreal's "Quartier des Spectacles" (concert district), and is the same distance from the Holiday Inn Express and Day's Inn as was the Peladeau Center. In addition to FMPM 2006, the Gesù has recently hosted shows by artists such as Zappa Plays Zappa and Peter Hammill, and their top notch crew will be working together with the established FMPM team to maintain our exacting standards for sound quality and schedule.

The decision to return to the Gesù was not taken lightly, however in a difficult economic climate this move allows us to make sure FMPM 2009 is successful, and remains a platform whereby Quebec's progressive artists are showcased to the world. This decision is made easier by how much we enjoyed working with the Gesù before. At the same time we have only good things to say about the Pierre-Peladeau Center. For those of you who have never attended an FMPM at the Gesù, it will become clear very quickly why we like it so much. The capacity of the Gesù amphitheater is 400 seats.

We will be contacting Gold Ticket holders over the next few days to finalize seat assignments for those who have purchased tickets to date. One benefit of this move for Gold Ticket holders is that we can offer more centralized seats. We have reserved a total of 110 Gold tickets (first eight rows, center) and will continue to offer them until sold out. You can purchase a Gold ticket through our web-site, at, at a cost of $189 including venue royalties
(taxes not included).

The remaining 290 regular tickets, entitling holders to attend all seven weekend shows, will go on sale on Saturday, March 7th at 9:00 AM, for $139 including venue royalties
(taxes not included). These can be purchased through our web-site at, as well as through and at the Gesù box office. Due to limited availability we recommend purchasing tickets at your earliest opportunity.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the weekend, including the pre-show taking place on the Friday. We thank you for your continued support and interest.

More information on the Gesù:

January 11, 2009


Just a quick reminder that Gold Tickets are now available exclusively at at a price of $189 including venue royalties
(taxes not included). Gold Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis for first time purchasers who can also specify preferences. Those who will have made reservations have until January 31, 2009 to purchase their tickets to guarantee their seats, while first time purchasers of Gold Tickets who have ordered tickets by then will be allocated the best seats available based on date of purchase. Regular tickets will go on sale sometime in March at a price to be determined then.

December 27, 2008

Mystery was formed in 1986 by Michel St-Père in the Montreal region. Originally created as a studio project, it would take nearly four years before a stable line-up took form. 1996 saw the release of
Theatre of the Mind on St-Père's fledgling Unicorn label, created to promote the music of Mystery. Keyboardist Benoît Dupuis left after this release. Destiny? followed in 1998, a more progressive release that resulted in the singer leaving. Needing a sufficiently talented replacement, their first choice was Benoît David, who was in a Yes tribute band. David was auditioned and agreed to join the group, and that line-up recorded At the Dawn of a new Millennium, released in 2000.

A long break followed, with Unicorn starting to release the music of other artists as St-Père concentrated on growing the business. It was not until 2007 that a new album,
Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face, would be released. The line-up for this release would be Michel St-Père, BenoÎt David, Patrick Bourque on bass, and Steve Gagné on drums.

Earlier this year Benoit David was invited to join the touring edition of Yes and has been playing around the world with them. Meanwhile St-Père has been working on new material for the next Mystery album. The line-up is now a six-piece, with Michel St-Père on guitars, Benoît David on vocals, Steve Gagné on drums, the returning Benoît Dupuis on keyboards, and two new members, Dean Baldwyn on second guitar and François Fournier on bass. Fournier plays in the Genesis tribute band Slippermen while both St-Père and Baldwyn play in a Rush tribute band called Exit: Stage Left.

Melodic and well-produced, Mystery's music has been compared to groups such as Saga, Yes, and Rush.

December 27, 2008

Incubus was part of the first wave of Quebec progressive rock, originally active between 1970 and 1974. Although influenced by groups such as ELP, King Crimson and Procol Harum, they preferred from the beginning to compose their own material. Their sound was probably most akin to classically-influenced keyboard-led groups such as ELP, Le Orme or Trace. Active around the same time as Maneige, Nécéssité and Contraction, they played out quite a bit, including shows with groups such as Mashmakhan, Offenbach, April Wine and Souls of Inspyration, and many Quebec prog fans remember them to this day.

Finally in 1974 they had a chance to travel to Europe to record what would have been their first album. They finished a full side before they disbanded. In the aftermath of the group's collapse the tapes were shelved and forgotten for many years. Finally in 2007, three of the four original members got back together, and with the help of two friends completed the album. They renamed themselves ExCubus, to avoid confusion with the California-based group of the same name. The result of their efforts was the September archival release on ProgQuebec, entitled
Mémoires Incubusiennes. Their album release concert in Lac St-Jean was attended by over 300 people.

One of the long lost secrets of the Quebec progressive rock movement, the music of ExCubus can now bring the group their proper acclaim. In September they will perform at the FMPM in front of their loyal fan-base as well as a new generation of progressive rock fans.

November 28, 2008


Gold Ticket reservations for FMPM 2009 will be taken commencing Friday November 28 by email at Previous Gold Ticket holders can reserve the same seats as they had at FMPM 2008 or specify new preferences (i.e. closer but to the side, farther back but in the middle) and must make reservations by Friday January 9, 2009. Those who purchased Regular Tickets for FMPM 2008 and wish to upgrade may also reserve Gold Tickets.

Gold Tickets will be sold online at commencing Saturday January 10, 2009 at 9:00 AM at a price of $189 including venue royalties
(taxes not included). Gold Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis for first time purchasers who can also specify preferences. Those who will have made reservations have until January 31, 2009 to purchase their tickets to guarantee their seats, while first time purchasers of Gold Tickets who have ordered tickets by then will be allocated the best seats available based on date of purchase. Regular tickets will go on sale sometime in March at a price to be determined then.

November 22, 2008

Next September, one of Italy's greatest progressive rock bands performs for the first time in Montreal, as Le Orme headlines the fourth edition of the FMPM. Founded in 1966, Le Orme have released 18 albums, have headlined almost every significant music festival while maintaining a loyal fan base in Italy, and continue to produce acclaimed studio material forty years after their inception.

After releasing several beat and psych singles, the classic trio formation of Aldo Tagliapietra, Michi dei Rossi, and Toni Pagliuca was in place by 1970. This formation released four canonical Italian prog releases during this time,
Collage, Uomo di Pezza, Felona e Sorona, and finally Contrappunti. Like many of the more popular Italian groups, Le Orme tried their hand with an English release, with Felona & Sorona coming out on Charisma with translated lyrics by Peter Hammill. Due to the instrumental configuration of keyboards, bass, and drums, and with a very classical sound, it is easy to compare this period to Emerson, Lake & Palmer, without the maudlin stabs at honky tonk and the like.

In the late 70s a fourth member joined on guitar, and releases such as
Florian and Piccola Rapsodia dell'Ape take on a different flavour, with an emphasis on acoustic textures. In the 80s the group was down to the core trio but less active. A reunion took place in the late 90s with the relase of Il Fiume, and a well- received appearance in Quebec City (among others). The group was now a quartet, with Michele Bon and Francesco Sartori sharing Pagliuca's old keyboard duties.

Not content to rest on their laurels, this decade has seen the release of two conceptual studio works,
Elementi and l'Infinito. Unlike many progressive groups who have continued from the early 70s to today, Le Orme's current work is considered by many to be of the same quality as their classic period albums. Le Orme headlined NEARFest several years ago and a CD/DVD release called Live in Pennsylvania came out this year to commemmorate that event. Le Orme is now back to a trio formation, with Michele Bon handling all keyboards along with stalwarts Tagliapietra and dei Rossi, and have maintained a busy gig schedule in Italy this year. They are currently at work on a new album.

November 1st, 2008

Magenta was formed in 2001 by ex-Cyan member Rob Reed. Debut album
Revolutions was a mixture of Yes, Genesis, and Renaissance highlighted by the vocals of Christina Booth, a former collaborator with the group Trippa who had also guested with Cyan. The success of this album led to the formation of a live band to perform it, and 2004 saw the release of their first full-band album, Seven. With a concept based on the seven deadly sins, Seven was a large leap forward that firmly established Magenta at the forefront of the modern British symphonic prog movement. 2006 saw the release of Home, a concept album with some shorter pieces that combined the established style of the band with a progressive pop influence that Reed has applied in other projects. Regular live performances and festival appearances at Baja Prog, Rosfest, and NEARfest has kept the group tight and their reputation growing.

In early 2008 Magenta released their fourth studio album,
Metamorphosis, on the Laser's Edge label. Upon its release, it immediately went to #1 on the Gagliarchives weekly top 20, bumping Thieves' Kitchen from the top spot. Metamorphosis is easily identifiable as a Magenta album but also adds more darkness and aggression into the mix, a daring evolution that has reaped success. FMPM 2009 will be the sole North American show next year in support of this album.

Magenta was originally booked for FMPM 2008, but could not do the show for a very good reason; Rob Reed had a child in mid-September. However we had no question about wanting to work together as soon as possible. We are delighted that it will be next year.

October 24, 2008

Continuing our tradition of inviting some of Quebec's most innovative and interesting acts to the FMPM stage, it is with pride that we announce that Rouge Ciel will be performing at FMPM 2009. Part of Quebec's vibrant musique actuelle scene, they mix composed and improvised music into a unified framework that makes use of diverse instrumentation and genre influences. Western and Eastern musics, folk, jazz, and rock are all acceptable source material for their creative expression.

Rouge Ciel released their first, self-titled album in 2001. Members Guido del Fabbro and Némo Venba had previously been in avant-garde ensemble La Fanfare Pourpour, and together with Antonin Provost and Simon Lapointe created an instrumental work that reviewers compared to Maneige, Conventum, Art Zoyd, and Miriodor. And yet by being compared to such different groups the real message was, here is something new, and deserving of attention. 2005's
Veuillez Procéder is more urgent and less gentle, amping up the intensity, more wild, and more modern. Both releases are well appreciated by collectors of avant-progressive rock and musique actuelle.

Rouge Ciel is now hard at work on new material that will form the basis of their third album and will be unveiled at FMPM 2009. Following the wild successes of Miriodor and Interférence Sardines on the FMPM stage, it is fitting and exciting that Rouge Ciel will follow them.

October 18, 2008

With great pleasure, we announce that the fourth edition of the FMPM will take place on September 12th and 13th 2009 in Montreal. Ticket information and band bios will be put up soon on

The best things in life come to those who wait, a saying well known to fans of Italian four-piece DFA. Before 2008's
#4, their last studio album was 1999's Duty Free Area. Simply put, they are one of the best groups in the world in the style of symphonic fusion, combining incredible technical virtuosity with a gift for memorable, dynamic melodies. With the #1 album on the Gagliarchives for eleven straight weeks following its release, DFA is "one of the best of the new breed" (All About Jazz), and #4 is "a worthy successor to The Rotter's Club" ( and "an unmitigated success" (Aymeric Leroy). And while fans of Canterbury music might see DFA as the reincarnation of National Health, they are undeniably an Italian prog group and reminiscent of some of the great jazz rock groups from that country such as Arti e Mestieri and middle-period PFM.

DFA's first two releases,
Lavori in Corso and Duty Free Area, made quite a splash when they were first released, and are now available on the 2-CD compilation Kaleidoscope. Their live performance at NEARFest 2000 brought down the house and is still talked about today. Over the years people increasingly wondered whether DFA were still together, whether they would ever release a new album, and if so whether it could possibly live up to the standards set by their early work. The answer to all these questions is an emphatic "YES", and at FMPM 2009 we expect DFA will once again bring fans to their feet in their first ever appearance in Canada.

September 16, 2008

Judging by the attendance and smiles of people at the end of every performance, the 3rd edition of the Montreal Prog Fest was a great success. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who are responsible for this success, from the volunteers, vendors, sponsors and especially to the numerous attendees who came from everywhere to join our big party!

October 19, 2008

Thieves' Kitchen has taken the progressive rock community by storm in 2008, with the release of their fourth album
The Water Road. Featuring new keyboardist Thomas Johnson, formerly of Änglagård, this album combines ear-catching melodies and intricate complexity the way all the best progressive rock does, with non-rock influences, dynamic contrasts, and a wide variety of instrumentation. Their love of impossible time signatures and jazzy inflections inspire comparisons to the Canterbury scene, while Amy Darby's soaring voice and evocative lyrics are compelling.

Founded by guitarist Phil Mercy and bassist Paul Beecham ten years ago, only Mercy and drummer Mark Robotham remain from the first album, 2000's
Head. After their 2001 release Argot they were invited to play Mexico's Baja Prog and North Carolina's ProgDay music festivals in 2002. In typical fashion, a four-song set from this group took 75 minutes. 2003's Shibboleth was the first to feature vocalist Amy Darby and sees the beginnings of the jazzier influences come to fruition on The Water Road. This newest album, five years in the making, went through extensive phases of composition, arrangement, and recording. New keyboardist Johnson proves a suitable foil for Mercy, able to provide powerful and aggressive counterpoint or a melancholy aural backdrop where appropriate. Unsurprisingly, this album is turning up on a number of top ten lists for 2008, and was the #1 album on the most widely followed progressive rock radio show worldwide, The Gagliarchives, for several weeks. Thieves' Kitchen is now playing several engagements across Europe in support of The Water Road.

With increasing demand on this side of the pond, and a growing audience of admirers in Quebec, we felt it important to extend an invitation to Thieves' Kitchen to play at FMPM 2009, and much to our delight they have accepted. This will be their first ever appearance in Canada and their only festival performance in North America next year.

September 10, 2008

If you are travelling by car in Montreal on Sunday, September 14, please take into account in your travel times that the Montreal Marathon will disturb regular traffic flow throughout the City. Here's a
map of the marathon's path so that you can avoid the numerous street closings, that will gradually begin at 9:00 AM. Better yet, if you can take the subway, it will make your life simpler!

August 30, 2008

Many thanks to all who have purchased Gold tickets for their support to FMPM 2008!

Every year, we are honored to have renowned artists at the festival as our special guests and guests of honor, and this year we are especially happy to welcome Jacques Blais, Pierre Harel (Offenbach), Christian Simard (Morse Code) and our guest of honor, Serge Locat (Harmonium).

For all of those that are out of town and preparing to come to Montreal for FMPM 2008, here's a quick survival guide:
Map of the FMPM 2008 key locations and points of interest, and direction to the Salle Pierre-Mercure.
2) Detailed
schedule of the weekend
3) FMPM 2008
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

July 15, 2008

Spaced Out will be launching their new album at FMPM08! In order to accommodate those who wish to attend only the Spaced Out concert and album launch on Saturday September 13 at 3:30pm, separate tickets entitling holders to general admission seating on the balcony are now available exclusively on at a price of $20 plus taxes and fees.

May 12, 2008

Like last year, 1-Day Tickets are being made available in limited quantities, at $69 plus taxes and fees, entitling holders to reserved seating at all shows either on Saturday September 13 or Sunday September 14. These tickets will help accommodate fans who are unable to attend both days due to work or other reasons, and are available exclusively at Regular weekend Tickets can still be purchased at and at Admission, whereas only a few Gold Tickets are left entitling holders to center seats in the first 10 rows, available only at

March 7, 2008


Regular tickets for FMPM 2008 are now on sale through the ProgQuebec online store, as well as trough Visit our Tickets page for details. Visit our Schedule page for all the information concerning band order and concert showtimes on the FMPM weekend next September.

February 23, 2008

Le Festival des Musiques Progressives de Montreal (FMPM) is pleased to announce that Harmonium tribute band Premier Ciel will perform on Friday September 12th, 2008 at the Centre Pierre Peladeau as the pre-show of this year’s festival. Formed in 2002, Premier Ciel has gained increased renown for its authentic live renditions of the Harmonium repertoire, and is the only ensemble authorized by Serge Fiori to publicly perform this legendary group’s works. Premier Ciel’s current line-up includes seven world-class musicians, with the same configuration as the
L'Heptade live tour. The group will perform material from all the Harmonium albums including L’Heptade, in two distinct sets. Please visit for more information. This unique performance is a co-production between Premier Ciel and Musique ProgresSon. Tickets to the Premier Ciel show will be sold separately as described further below.

Quebec City's Interference Sardines will be replacing UnexpecT who have received an opportunity to tour the Southern US during September. This has given FMPM the chance to invite one of Quebec's finest experimental groups instead. With a style combining rock, musique actuelle, improv, folk, jazz, and everything else, most progressive rock fans would most easily classify them as avant-progressive. The band has just released their third album,
Spot de Rue, and their entire catalog is available on Wayside Music.

Musique ProgresSon (ProgQuebec) and Unicorn Digital are now pleased to present the complete lineup for FMPM 2008 which includes four international groups: Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (Italy), Univers Zero (Belgium), Riverside (Poland), and Knight Area (Holland), and three groups from Quebec: Charles Kaczynski, Spaced Out, and Interference Sardines, all performing on Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14, and also Premier Ciel who are performing on Friday September 12, as part of the FMPM pre-show.

Gold Tickets for FMPM 2008 are currently on sale exclusively at at a price of $175 (plus fees and taxes) and entitle holders to reserved seating of their choice. Regular Tickets will go on sale Friday March 7th at 10am at, and at the Pierre Peladeau Center (514-987-6919) at a price of $110 (plus fees and taxes). Gold and Regular tickets allow holders to attend all 7 performances on September 13 and 14. Tickets to the Premier Ciel show on September 12 will also go on sale Friday March 7th at 10am at a price of $25 (plus fees and taxes), however Gold Ticket holders can currently purchase Premier Ciel tickets with the same reserved seats as for the rest of the festival by ordering online prior to March 7th at For details, visit our Tickets page.

January 28, 2008

Some bad news and good news with the FMPM line-up. Rob Reed of Magenta is going to be a father in September, which unfortunately means no gigging for the group at that time. Although we had already signed the contract with the group, we did not feel it was reasonable to ask them to perform in a situation where they would not want to be here. We wish Rob all the best with the new album and his family, and hope to work with Magenta in 2009.

Luckily for us, Dutch modern symphonic rock group Knight Area has agreed to join the FMPM line-up for 2008. This was a group we had hoped to work with this year and were having trouble finding a way to make it work, which now becomes possible with Magenta's withdrawal. Knight Area released their first album,
The Sun Also Rises, in 2004. This album featured old and new material from the band members, some dating back to the 1980s, and quickly made a splash in the progressive rock community leading to an appearance at NEARfest 2005. As promising as the first album was, 2007's Under a New Sign takes the group to the next level, with an approach and quality very comparable to British group (and past FMPM headliners) IQ. These days with many modern/neo progressive groups changing to heavier or poppier styles, Knight Area unapologetically shows a mastery of the conventions of symphonic rock, and will delight their growing fanbase in Montreal this coming September.

January 25, 2008

World-class fusion trio Spaced Out will hit the stage this September at FMPM 2008. Formed by bassist Antoine Fafard and originally having the name Cortex, several different line-ups came and went before the group were signed to Unicorn Digital to release their first (self-titled) album in 2000. They were the first band on Unicorn Digital, apart from label founder Michel St-Père's own Mystery, and are to this day one of its most popular and best-selling groups. Drummer Martin Maheux has been there since 1998, while guitarist Mark Tremblay has been with the group since the live dates following their second album, entitled
Eponymus II. Two studio albums have followed in recent years, 2003's Slow Gin and 2006's Unstable Matter, which was the heaviest to date, allowing touches of metal to fuse with the jazz and rock influences already present. During this time the group has stayed active in a live setting, performing at NEARFest, as well as the Crescendo Festival in France. Two live DVDs are available to demonstrate their prowess. The music of the group is a heavy instrumental fusion that is compared to everything from Return to Forever to Planet X, with Fafard's own bass style reminiscent at times of Jaco Pastorius.

January 20, 2008

Charles Kaczynski was a violinist with the pioneering musique actuelle group Conventum in the late 1970s. After leaving the group, he released his solo masterpiece
Lumière de la Nuit on which he played more than a dozen instruments. An obscurity long treasured by collectors, it was finally reissued on CD by ProgQuebec in 2005. Featuring a heavy string presence, with piano, guitar, woodwinds, and percussion, this mostly instrumental suite has elements of folk and chamber music and is reminiscent of Mike Oldfield, l'Engoulevent, Flarick, and others. Charles has stayed active in music performing in a variety of settings and styles, and has worked as the musical director and performer with the Cirque Éloize. This September Charles will give an hour-long performance of the suite, which will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness one of the highlights of the 1970s progressive music scene in Quebec.

January 18, 2008

Belgian chamber rock group and original Rock in Opposition member Univers Zero will headline the Sunday portion of FMPM 2008. Formed in the mid-1970s by drummer and leader Daniel Denis, Univers Zero has undergone several transformations during its existence, from dark acoustic chamber music inspired by Béla Bartók and H.P. Lovecraft, to a more electronic sound with use of synthesizers in the 1980s, and finally a more melodic, refined chamber-rock for the new Millennium. The ten CD releases that catalogue these three periods are acclaimed by followers of new music and Univers Zero have influenced countless other groups being practically the blueprint for chamber-rock. After avoiding live performance for decades, the modern incarnation of Univers Zero embraced it, with powerful appearances at festivals in Europe and a headlining performance at NEARFest 2004. Their first ever live album was released on Cuneiform Records in 2006, and their first album
1313 is to be reissued by Cuneiform in mid-2008. The current line-up of Univers Zero features Daniel Denis (drums), Michel Berckmans (woodwinds), Andy Kirk (keyboards and guitar), Martin Lauwers (violin), Eric Plantain (bass), and Kurt Budé (clarinet, sax). Univers Zero is currently working on a new studio album.

December 27, 2007

Well, we're almost at last year's gold ticket count already and we haven't announced half the line-up yet. There are many great seats left and the gold ticket sales not only greatly help our event overall, but provide us with cash flow for the operating costs in the months leading up to the event. So a huge thanks to everyone who has reserved so far and we hope to hear from a few more of you, especially once we announce the next couple of groups!

For those who wish to book their hotel accomodations early, please visit the hotel information page.

December 18, 2007


We have been getting lots of requests regarding ticket sales with our recent announcements that Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Riverside, Magenta and UnexpecT will be performing at FMPM 2008. Due to anticipated strong demand, the Gold Ticket seating area at the Pierre Peladeau Center will be expanded, and we are now officially accepting reservations for Gold Tickets only. Gold Tickets entitle the holders to reserve the best seats, and provide essential funding for festival operations, including our world-class line-up. FMPM 2008 tickets will be offered as follows:

1) Gold Ticket holders from 2007 can reserve the same seats they had by contacting us at with the purchaser’s name and the number of tickets desired. Previous Gold Ticket holders can reserve a larger number of Gold Tickets than they purchased in 2007, and so in some cases seats may not be identical to last year’s, but will be very close to last year’s seats.

2) Everyone else interested in purchasing Gold Tickets for FMPM 2008 can also reserve Gold Tickets by contacting us at with the purchaser’s name and the number of tickets desired. For these reservations, the exact seats will not be known until purchased, however you can let us know your preferences (i.e. seats nearer to the stage or further back in the center) and we will reserve you seats as close as we can to your preferred location.

3) Gold Ticket reservations will be accepted between now and January 31st, 2008, following which Gold Tickets will officially go on sale the next day on Friday February 1, 2008 at 8 am at All those who reserved Gold Tickets must pay for them by Friday February 15, 2008, after which time reservations will no longer be guaranteed and all seats will be assigned. The price per Gold Ticket for FMPM 2008 will be $175.

4) Regular Tickets will go on sale in March 2008, once Gold tickets sales are finalized.

We would like to ackowledge all those who helped launch Le Festival des Musiques Progressives by purchasing tickets for the first two editions, and extend our advanced thanks to all those who plan on continuing to support FMPM by attending in 2008.

The FMPM Team

December 13, 2007

Magenta was formed in 2001 by ex-Cyan member Rob Reed. Debut album
Revolutions was a mixture of Yes, Genesis, and Renaissance highlighted by the vocals of Christina Booth, a former collaborator with the group Trippa who had also guested with Cyan. The success of this album led to the formation of a live band to perform it, and 2004 saw the release of the first full-band album, Seven. With a concept based on the seven deadly sins, Seven was a large leap forward that firmly established Magenta at the forefront of the modern British symphonic prog movement. 2006 saw the release of Home, a concept album with some shorter pieces that combined the established style of the band with a progressive pop influence that Reed has applied in other projects. Regular live performances and festival appearances at Baja Prog, Rosfest, and NEARfest has kept the group tight and their reputation growing. The fourth Magenta studio album is slated for release in early 2008 and while certainly appealing to the classic prog fan, contains some new elements in the band's sound as well as some epic-length tracks. FMPM 2008 will be the sole North American show next year in support of this album.

December 10, 2007

Poland’s Riverside has made a name for themselves over the past five years with the “Reality Dream” trilogy of releases. From 2003’s
Out of Myself (on the Laser’s Edge label), 2005’s Second Life Syndrome and 2007’s Rapid Eye Movement (both on the InsideOut label), they have developed a growing following with a melodically attractive, sometimes heavy, sometimes psychedelic sound. Crunchy guitars, atmospheric keyboard passages and Mariusz Duda’s powerful vocals have combined to make Riverside one of the most popular groups straddling the line between progressive rock and progressive metal. The music on these albums has been compared to groups as diverse as Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Pink Floyd and Pain of Salvation, but one also hears similarities to the Polish neo-progressive school of Collage, Satellite, Quidam, and others. Riverside performed for the first time in North America at NEARFest 2006, and they have played a number of art rock festivals in Europe. After supporting Dream Theater on European dates earlier this year, they are now touring in support of Rapid Eye Movement. FMPM 2008 will be Riverside’s first ever performance in Canada.

November 25, 2007

Performing for the first time in Canada, Italian symphonic rock group Il Banco del Mutuo Soccorso will be a headlining act at the 2008 edition of the FMPM. Existing since 1969, Banco has released some of the undisputed classics of the progressive rock era, including
Darwin!, Io Sono Nato Libero, and ...di Terra. With beautiful classically oriented compositions and the powerful vocals of Francesco di Giacomo, Banco is considered by many to be the greatest Italian progressive group. Renowned for their live performances, Banco has been to North America only a handful of times, and the FMPM will feature a different set of classic prog than what they have played on the continent until now.

November 21, 2007

The 2008 edition of the FMPM will take place September 13th and 14th of next year at the Salle Pierre-Mercure of the Pierre Peladeau Centre, in Montreal.

We would like to thank everyone who has shown enthusiasm for this event to date and look forward to delivering a third edition up to the standard of the first two.

More to come.

September 23, 2007

Just coming back from the intensity of the FMPM 2007 weekend, it will take its organizers at least a week to catch their collective breath! It has been a wonderful experience this year in a new setting, with new challenges and a world-class lineup!

August 20, 2007

Thank you to all the gold tickets holders for their kind support!

July 8, 2007

The FMPM pre-show on Friday, September 14!

The FMPM pre-show will take place on Friday, September 14th at l'Alizé, located at 900 rue Ontario Est (at the corner of St-André, five blocks away from Salle Pierre-Mercure). Doors open at 7 PM and the show will begin at 8:00 PM.

There will be three bands performing, Quartik, Capharnaüm and Karcius. Tickets are $10, available right now through the ProgMontreal website and also at the Alizé boxoffice at 514-523-0622.

Karcius is one of the leading bands of the current Montreal prog scene. Karcius is an instrumental group that plays a mix of hard progressive rock and jazz fusion. They have released two albums on Unicorn Digital,
Sphère and Kaléidoscope, and have performed at the FMPM 2006 as well as Prog in the Park in Rochester. They are also making festival appearances this year in France and the USA (in Milwaukee). A group bursting with youthful energy, respectful of the past but with their own musical goals, Karcius is at the forefront of renewal within the progressive music world.

Capharnaüm is a guitar-driven, modern and melodic instrumental rock band that was formed way back in 1991 in Quebec City. The title of their album,
Le Soleil Est Une Bombe Atomique (which literally means The Sun Is An Atomic Bomb) reflects at the same time the foreboding and hope that they are trying to communicate whenever they play together, compose or perform live. It's slightly demented heavy music with a touch of prog and a lot of rhythm.

Quartik is an instrumental prog-fusion quartet from Quebec city featuring guitar, bass, vibraphone, and drums. They have one release to date, 2004's
Hecho a Mano on the Ipso Facto label. In addition to periodic live performances, Quartik's highly proficient musicians are all in high demand to work with other Quebec artists. They have performed twice at the Terra Incognita festival in Quebec City, in 2005 and 2006.

There are now eleven bands that are part of the FMPM weekend from September 14 to 16, 2007!

June 29, 2007

FMPM's lineup is complete: Introducing Jelly Fiche!

Montreal band Jelly Fiche will be the eighth and final band in FMPM's lineup this year. They will be opening things up on Saturday. Their booking demonstrates FMPM's continued commitment to supporting local progressive artists in the Montreal area.

A trio, Jelly Fiche features Syd on bass and vocals, Eric Plante on keyboards and saxophone, and Jean-François Arsenault on guitar. All of these musicians come from very different backgrounds. Syd has a background in poetry and aspires to integrate it into rock the way classic artists did. Plante comes from a jazz background and has composed for Cirque du Soleil, while Arsenault is a trained jazz guitarist and fan of 70s progressive rock. Their "live" formation also includes Sylvain Auclair on bass and vocals, as well as Mathieu Bergeron on drums.

The music they form together could be described as song-oriented progressive rock, but free of too many preconceived ideas and cliches about what that should mean. Influences of the group include Pink Floyd, King Crimson, the Beatles, Gentle Giant, David Bowie, Queen, Chick Corea, Led Zeppelin, Sam Roberts, Feist, Zero 7, Erik Truffaz, and Coldplay. They have been performing in the Montreal area. Their first album will be released on Unicorn Digital later this year.

Because we expect many of you have not yet had the opportunity to hear Jelly Fiche, you can check out some of their tracks on their MySpace page at

April 18, 2007

Maneige Members at FMPM for Album Launch

FMPM 2007 will be the place to be for fans of the great Montreal progressive rock band Maneige. The festival will coincide with the reissue of two highly anticipated albums on the ProgQuebec label. These consist of the first two Maneige albums from 1975, the self-titled debut
Maneige and Les Porches.

For this occasion we will be joined by original Maneige members Alain Bergeron, Jérôme Langlois, Yves Léonard, Gilles Schetagne, and Paul Picard. They will be around to talk with festival attendees, sign some CDs, and help us celebrate Quebec progressive music past and present. The two Maneige CDs are the studio-recorded legacy of the early formation of the band, weaving several themes into long instrumental chamber-rock pieces. The reissues of
Maneige and Les Porches have been highly anticipated, and ProgQuebec is proud to have licensed these from EMI Canada, as announced earlier this year.

ProgQuebec also plans on releasing a new album by Jérôme Langlois,
Live au FMPM, containing his acclaimed performance at last year’s FMPM 2006, which includes dynamic arrangements of several tracks from the studio album Molignak as well as material from Maneige and predecessor band Lasting Weep. A second “bonus” CD will feature the reissue of Langlois’ 1984 solo piano album Thèmes, which will be augmented by several other unreleased compositions from the 1970s. It is worth noting that Langlois, Schetagne, and Picard performed together last year and are featured on Live au FMPM.
March 19, 2007

The official schedule for the 2007 edition of FMPM is now posted! Visit our Schedule page for all the details!

March 9, 2007

MIRIODOR TO PERFORM AT FMPM 2007 Popular Demand...

The FMPM is proud to announce the return of MIRIODOR for the 2007 edition.

It is difficult to describe in words the impact of MIRIODOR's music. Progressive rock fans like them because of the tightness and virtuosity that comes from their intensive rehearsal practices. Out music fans like them because of their comfort with dissonance, and complex harmonic structures. All music lovers can appreciate their gift for captivating and innovative melodies and the joy and passion that comes forth from their compositions.

With a variety of configurations under their belt, the modern nucleus of MIRIODOR dates to about the mid-90s album
Jongleries Élastiques (Elastic Juggling), and subsequent albums (Mekano, Parade) have earned increasing acclaim and popular support. When MIRIODOR has played a show at a place like NEARfest, there is usually a lot of buzz afterwards from people who had no idea they would like it so much, who had no idea they even liked "avant-prog". In a nutshell, MIRIODOR makes it easy to enjoy difficult music.

Last year they were one of the most anticipated bands and sure enough, after the fact in review after review, people talked about how much they had enjoyed the concert. We thought, is it too soon to have them back? Shows what we know! FMPM 2006 attendees have been letting us know that for sufficiently good music, there is no such thing as too soon.

With continually evolving new material and old friend Lars Hollmer in town, who knows what might be in store for this year's performance? What is certain is last year has set a high standard and high expectations, and it would be hard to meet them again without... MIRIODOR.

March 9, 2007

Tickets for the FMPM go on sale today at noon. Gold and regular tickets will be on sale at the same time. Gold tickets are available exclusively at (which also has the lowest fees). Regular tickets are also available through ProgQuébec, Pierre Peladeau and

Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming weeks including pre-show information.

March 5, 2007



Saturday September 15 and Sunday September 16, 2007 • Pierre Peladeau Center, Montreal

One of the most storied bands of the second wave of British progressive rock of the early 80s, IQ was one of a small number of British bands including Marillion, Pendragon, Twelfth Night, and Pallas, that carried the torch of progressive rock when many of the original proponents were no longer active. In their career spanning twenty-five years, they have released over a dozen studio and live albums and three DVDs, and are one of the most popular and best-selling independent progressive rock bands in the world. IQ has headlined progressive rock festivals around the world, and are a two-time headliner of the North East Art Rock Festival in the United States. Their elaborate symphonic rock, featuring extensive guitar and keyboard leads and the dramatic vocals of Peter Nicholls, has gained a legion of fans worldwide and their return to Montreal has been greatly anticipated. Their only North American date of 2007 will feature the world premiere of some of the material from their next album, due for release in October, with a full multimedia presentation.

Montreal's HAMADRYAD has gained worldwide recognition since their 2001 debut release
Conservation of Mass. This album led to the band's invitation to the prestigious Baja Prog festival in Mexico in 2002. An experienced live outfit, their hard-edged sound influenced by the classic prog bands has been refined over the intervening years. After 2004's Safe in Conformity, they performed at the Rites of Spring Festival in early 2006. One of Montreal's most popular progressive rock bands, we are pleased to have them join our line-up.

This year's FMPM will be held at the Pierre Peladeau Center, in the Salle Pierre Mercure. A beautiful and intimate auditorium seating just under 800, the Pierre Peladeau Center has fantastic acoustics and sightlines. This venue is also very conveniently located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, right next to the Berri-UQAM subway station, and only four street blocks away from Highway 20. It also features an indoor parking as well as easy access to people with limited mobility. While we have a great appreciation for the high quality of the Gesù, we feel now is the right time to move to a venue that can accommodate everyone interested in seeing this line-up perform, rather than see a lot of people get shut out.

Regular and Gold tickets will go on sale this Friday, at Gold tickets will cost $160 this year (about $135 US), while regular tickets are priced at $95 (about $80 US). Gold tickets offer preferred seating, our eternal gratitude, and maybe some other neat stuff along the way.

March 4, 2007

There is a small change in the schedule of the festival , which will be now held on Saturday, September 15, 2007 and Sunday September 16, 2007* instead of the Friday/Saturday slot previously announced. This is due to the Genesis concert being held at the Olympic Stadium on Friday September 14, 2007.

February 16, 2007

FMPM announces partial line-up for its 2007 edition Featuring STRAWBS, SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, NATHAN MAHL, VEBB and others to be announced very soon!

ProgresSon Music (ProgQuébec), in association with Unicorn Digital, announces that the 2007 edition of the Montreal Progressive Music Festival will be held on Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th, 2007*. This year’s line-up will include the world famous STRAWBS in their electric formation, Swedish legends SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, as well as native Quebec groups NATHAN MAHL and VILLE EMARD BLUES BAND (VEBB). Two other groups will be announced within the next few weeks, as well as the name of the venue where FMPM07 will be held.

The STRAWBS are one of the most renowned British progressive bands of their era. Their highly successful 1970s albums,
Hero and Heroine and Ghosts, were rightfully acclaimed by music fans selling over 250,000 copies each, and their mixture of emotional progressive rock and folk have won them legions of fans around the world. Other notable albums include Grave New World, Bursting At The Seams, Burning For You, and Deep Cuts. In recent years the acoustic STRAWBS have played across North America, and in 2004, the electric band headlined NEARFest, playing a few other sold-out concerts as well. Rock fans in Quebec have been patiently waiting over 25 years for a chance to see the electric STRAWBS in concert, and will finally have the opportunity to see the complete original electric formation of David Cousins, Dave Lambert, Chas Cronk, John Hawken, and Rod Coombes.

SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA is one of the great progressive bands from Sweden, and one of the founding members of Rock in Opposition. Since their first album in 1970, they have combined instrumental virtuosity, tight group interplay, sophisticated compositions, and a sense of fun and infectious energy that cannot help but bring a smile to anyone who sees them play. Albums such as
Måltid and Klossa Knapitatet are stone-cold classics, and their 1999 release Kaka was hailed as a brilliant return to form. The current line-up of the band includes original members Lars Hollmer, Coste Apetrea, and Lars Krantz, and drummer Tatsuya Yoshida of Ruins, Koenji Hyakkei, and Korekyojin fame. SAMLA headlined the ProgDay festival in 2003, but appearances in Quebec have proven elusive until now.

Outaouais valley-based NATHAN MAHL, led by keyboardist and composer Guy LeBlanc, has been at the forefront of the modern symphonic progressive rock sound. After releasing the obscure gem
Parallel Eccentricities in 1983, the band went underground for 15 years before emerging with the prog-fusion powerhouse The Clever Use of Shadows, since re-interpreted as Shadows Unbound. After blowing away the audience at NEARfest 1999, NATHAN MAHL embarked on a symphonic album trilogy called Heretik which saw its sound approaching that of the legendary group CAMEL while retaining its uniqueness. LeBlanc then joined CAMEL, where he participated on A Nod and a Wink , embarking on a world tour. With a new album entitled Exodus coming out in 2007, it is time for NATHAN MAHL to make another high-profile festival appearance. The line-up today includes Guy LeBlanc, Marc Spenard, Guy Dagenais, and Alain Bergeron.

Montreal’s home-grown VILLE EMARD BLUES BAND comprised the largest stage in prog music history, consisting of up to 24 musicians, and combining rock, jazz, funk, and folk. VEBB headlined the Montreal Forum and was nominated for best new group at the 1975 Canadian Juno awards, a category won by RUSH that year. The complete works of VEBB were reissued on CD by ProgQuebec in 2004. Former band leader Bill Gagnon’s son, Chris Gagnon, now heads-up the core group of 12, along with veterans Serge Vallières, Michel Dion, and Richard Perotte. FMPM 2007 will showcase this unique ensemble performing a special set of its most progressive and energetic jazz-rock, featuring tracks by related groups CONTRACTION and TOUBABOU, proving that Quebec was a bastion of creativity during the 1970s.

A limited number of Gold tickets, entitling holders to the best seating, will go on advance sale at sometime in March, while Regular tickets will go on sale at a later date to be announced. For more information, please consult this website on a regular basis and direct any inquiries to We thank everyone for their interest in our event and expect that this year’s festival will be an even greater success than the last.

Local media contact: • International:

Monday, September 18, 2006

The festival ended on this note... "See you next year!" ...and so begins the preparation for the second edition of FMPM. We wish to thank all of the people who made this festival a success, from the artists, sponsors and merchants, to everybody who bought tickets.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

It is with great pleasure that we just learned that famed Maneige percussionnist Paul Picard will join Jérôme Langlois and friends onstage for Friday's performance of Jérôme's De Maneige à Molignak. With three of the original members of Maneige on the same stage, this is sure to become a historical show to be remembered!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

LINEUP CHANGE FOR THE PRE-SHOW: Talisma's bass player, Donald Fleurent, broke his arm badly a few days ago, so the trio won't be able to perform at the FMPM pre-show on Thursday, September 14 2006 at La Place à Côté (4571 Papineau Street, near Mont-Royal).

This is unfortunately something totally out of our control and the bandmembers of Talisma are deeply disappointed not to be able to participate. They were very much looking forward to their performance with Hamadryad.

But we found a great band from Quebec City that volunteered to fill in at the last minute, a future Unicorn Digital recording artist, Signs of One.

You'll find their website at . Check out their stuff, it's classy, edgy progressive music, loosely inspired by the likes of Rush, Marillion, Arena, Radiohead and Jethro Tull... captivating original compositions from a group of talented musicians!

Signs of One will open the evening, followed by Hamadryad's performance.

Again, we apologize for this unfortunate change in the pre-show's lineup, but we can guarantee a fabulous evening with these two great bands. Tickets are $15, and are available from the Unicorn Digital website at , from and will also be available at the door on the day of the show.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

It is with great sadness that we learned of the sudden death of Pip Pyle, the drummer of Hatfield & The North, last Sunday. The band members are heavyhearted at the loss of their dear friend and long-time band member, but stated that the show must go on and they will be in Montreal on September 15 for a very special, very emotional performance, with Mark Fletcher behind the drums. The 2006 edition of FMPM is dedicated to the memory of Philip (Pip) Pyle.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stéphane Desbiens, guitarist for the Quebec band Sense, will be among our guest musicians at FMPM 2006, in support for his latest solo effort, The D Project's Shimmering Light. Come and say hello to Stéphane at the Ipso Facto table in the vendors area, where you can pick-up a copy of Shimmering Light, reviewed on ProgMontreal. Your chance also to see his stunning custom-made guitar, the ASL 304, which gives Stéphane his unique signature sound.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Great news! Gary Green, Gentle Giant's legendary guitarist, has been invited as our guest of honor at FMPM 2006. It will be our pleasure for us to have Gary in Montreal for the duration of the festival and he will participate actively in the celebrations!

Friday, July 7, 2006

It is with great pleasure that we will have the group Nathan Mahl among our exhibitors and vendors at FMPM 2006. The famous Ottawa band features keyboardist Guy Leblanc (who played with Camel in 2000 and in 2001). Guy and drummer Daniel Lacasse will be happy to answer your questions about the group, and it will be your opportunity to get the latest Nathan Mahl releases, including Shadows Unbound, the excellent Heretik Vol. 1, 2 & 3 series, and Guy's books. Visit their website at

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Great news! The FMPM preshow is getting to be quite an event! Another great Montreal band will join Hamadryad on the stage of La Place à Côté on Thursday, September 14 2006, the group Talisma will open the FMPM celebrations. Tickets for that event are now available from the Unicorn Digital website at and from The cost is $15 since there are two great bands performing instead of one!

The preshow will be held
at La Place à Côté, (4571 Papineau Street, near Mont-Royal).

Friday, April 7, 2006

It's official! We are proud to announce that Gold Tickets are sold out! Get your regular tickets quickly!

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Thanks to all who purchased their tickets yesterday, the response was great! There are only a few Gold tickets left, and regular tickets are selling quickly!

For those festival attendees who will be making hotel reservations in the next few days, please visit our "Hotels" page for suggestions, recommendations and special rates.

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Tickets for the first edition of FMPM will be available as of 10 AM today!

To get
Gold Tickets and Regular tickets, visit and click on the round "Tickets" button to access the ProgQuébec webstore. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Tickets for the preshow on Thursday, September 14 will be available on Saturday, April 15 from the Unicorn Digital website at and from

Sunday, March 12, 2006

For the inaugural edition of our festival, it will be our pleasure and honor to present from England, Hatfield and the North, from the United States, Echolyn, and from Québec, Jérôme Langlois, Miriodor, Kaos Moon and Karcius.

The festival will be held
Friday September 15 and Saturday, September 16 2006 at the
Le Gesù - Centre de Créativité (1200 De Bleury Street, in downtown Montreal).

Tickets will be put on sale on Saturday, April 1st, 2006. More information on our Ticket Info page.

It is with great pleasure that we present Quebec artists Jérôme Langlois, Miriodor, Kaos Moon and Karcius.

Jérôme Langlois, one of the pioneers of progressive music and the founding member of legendary Quebec prog band Maneige, reunites some of his old pals from Maneige, Conventum, Octobre and L'Orchestre Sympathique to play that brilliant music that was part of the musical landscape of the seventies in Montreal. A veritable who's who of Quebec prog musicians onstage! Jérôme will play music from early Maneige, as well as tracks of his latest solo album, Molignak.

Miriodor is a world reknown ambassador of RIO (rock in opposition) or "musiques inclassifiables" as they refer to their musical style, celebrating its 26th anniversary this year!

Kaos Moon is one of the best representatives of symphonic neo-progressive rock. Great melodies and harmonies, with a hard edge. Their sound will remind you of Queensrÿche and Saga.

Karcius is a great young band of passionate, talented musicians that has been on the forefront of Montreal's music scene. Their amazing style of hard prog fusion will simply blow you away! Their performance at Prog In The Park last year was outstanding, and caught the attention of the international music community.

And on the international side, we are honored to present two of the greatest names of progressive music, Hatfield and the North and Echolyn.

Hatfield and the North, this fabled british band, celebrates its 33th anniversary and is among the great names of classic progressive music. Their style of jazzy, off-beat progressive rock is among the best representatives of this subgenre called Canterbury. The presence in Montreal of beloved musicians, Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle and Alex Maguire will be an event in itself.

Finally, one of the United States' best contemporary progressive bands, Echolyn, will close the festival. With a history dating back 15 years, Echolyn continues to develop and redefine a compositional style best described as melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and dynamic – music that is progressive in the truest sense of the word. Defying categorization, while achieving critical acclaim from all around the globe, Echolyn continues to bend the ears of the world's listeners.

The FMPM has found its home in the heart of downtown Montreal; The Gesù is a beautiful auditorium with theater seating that can accomodate over 400 patrons, built under a Jesuit Church. Visit our page on this historic 140 year-old concert hall, or their website at

And we can proudly announce other great events during the festival, including a pre-show, a symposium with Quebec progressive music pioneers like Yves Laferrière (Contraction) Alain Bergeron (Maneige) and André Duchesne (Conventum), a great selection of vendors and exhibitors to get your fill on prog CDs, and special appearances by famous guest musicians and much more!

A pre-show will be held on
Thursday, September 14 at La Place à Côté, (4571 Papineau Street, near Mont-Royal) with Montreal bands Hamadryad and Talisma. Tickets for this event are $15 and are sold separately, available from our Ticket Info page, from the Unicorn Digital Concerts website, or at the door of La place à Côté, on the day of the show. A Unicorn Digital presentation.

FMPM merchandise will be available soon! T-shirts, posters and the FMPM program will be described on the merchandise page and will be available for purchase in the ProgQuebec webstore.

More news to come soon!

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